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Mirror Frames

Beveled Mirror Strips & Corners 


Beveled mirror creates sparkle by the reflected light bouncing about the room. Enhance your new or existing mirror with beveled mirror strips.


Adding strips to a mirror that is aging or turning dark at the edge will brighten and renew the appearance without replacing the entire mirror.

We offer three corner treatments: 

  • Square corners

  • Emerald (angeled) corners

  • Mitered corners

Mirror Frames 


Transform your bare plate mirror into a beautiful 

framed focal point... while your mirror stays on the wall.

Hoover Glass Services is a distributor of MirrorMate Frames as well as other manufactureres.

Every frame is custom-cut and will fit even if the mirror is touching a wall or back splash. The frame adheres right to the surface of the mirror while it's on the wall. 

You can see samples in our office or visit

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